Life Lessons by Inspiring Moms on Mother’s Day (+ Every Day!)

life lessons by inspiring momsI think it’s worth celebrating inspiring moms every day. When my mom and I decided to start a business together this year, it came on the heels of me getting mad at other people on the Internet (typical!). I was looking for new marketing freelancing opportunities and, on the recommendation of one of my friends, I checked out Fiverr. And I didn’t like what I saw, at all.

Now, I’m 100% all for people rocking their side hustle (and we’ll share more of our thoughts on having a successful side business in the future). But one particular seller was hawking off a social media guide for $5 with a weak, typo-riddled description, and seemingly getting 5-star reviews from people. What? Now, my mom didn’t know a word of English when she was young, so we feel for people for whom English is their second language. But I’m sorry, you’re clearly not a young blonde woman from Virginia. Ugh!

And that’s when I got mad.

Mad because honest people who needed help with their business were lost on where to find it. Mad because they were putting their faith in some random person who listed no credentials, no experience, no nothing. Mad because the seller was using these people to their advantage to get more reviews, even though it was clear that the content was just plain bad!

Please allow me to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about my mom and why I’m SO excited to get to learn from such an amazing resource each day:

My mom, Miriam Vializ-Briggs, is a marketing consultant with 25+ years of experience, garnered as a marketing executive at IBM, American Express and Kraft General Foods. She also co-owns “PEI Vacations on the Waterfront,” a successful vacation rental property business based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, that she started with my father.

She’s taught undergraduate & MBA graduate classes and created many training programs for small business owners, including “Growing Your Personal Market Share,” a workshop she’s delivered to thousands of professionals worldwide.

My mom holds an M.B.A. and B.A. from Columbia University. In recognition of her business leadership, she was named one of the “Elite 20 Hispanic women in business” by Hispanic Business magazine (2006) and selected as Corporate Executive of the Year by the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (2004). She was also featured in “Profiles in Diversity Journal” (2008) and in Smart Women Take Risks by Helene Lerner (2006).

See what I mean by INSPIRING MOMS? 

Let me be clear: each day we wake up humble.

It’s only through a lifetime of experience that, together, we feel qualified to share with you the life lessons, strategies, and action items you need to grow your business.

lucy briggs and miriam briggs

Lucy & Miriam

As part of my ode to moms everywhere, I wanted to open up the floor to our community members who wanted to share their thoughts on their own inspiring moms. Sending a very special thank you to Gwen Plauche aka Momma Gwen for contributing her touching message below:

My mom was one of the most fun-loving people I have ever known. I have so many memories of us literally falling down laughing together. My mom worked 40+ hours a week in retail sales during most of my life. She taught me how to work hard, laugh harder, not expect a handout, and how to be loyal to my word. More importantly, she taught me how to truly care for and love people, which is rare in the business world today.

Our home was always open to visitors, even when it wasn’t convenient. That training in warmth and impromptu hospitality has prepared me to deal with so many types of people and situations over the years, in and outside of business. I watched as she served our elder relatives in their time of need and have witnessed those same characteristics coming out in me as I have also sat with the sick and dying. This has given me such a compassion for my elders in any scenario.

I lost my mom June 1992, yet what she gave me changed me forever.

Blessings, Lucy on this post and thank you for bringing this blessing to me as I sat and remembered the awesome woman my mom was.

MommaGwen-inspiring-momsGwen Plauche aka Momma Gwen

Doesn’t Gwen’s mom sound amazing? I also love this article she wrote about her mother-in-law, The Things She Taught Me.

Thank you for inviting us to share in your journey, and a Happy Mother’s Day to your mom and inspiring moms everywhere! Post your own stories below about your inspiring moms, and use #inspiringmoms on social so we can find you!

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