Why We Love Johnny Cupcakes

We are always excited to see what we can learn from other entrepreneurs and owner-led businesses. Where did their inspiration come from? What makes them special?

We would like share with you some of our favorite examples we’ve gathered over the years in a dedicated series of posts.

In addition, we would also love to have you share with us brands you see as great companies and why. Our hope is that each of us can take away valuable “nuggets” that we can then apply in our own way.

We couldn’t think of a better example…

Lucy Briggs is an entrepreneur, social media marketing specialist, and co-founder of Brand Marketing Tips and Briggs + Briggs Marketing Services.

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What a Great-Grandmother Reminded Me About Sales

Keys to being a successful salespersonRecently, on holiday to Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, I was reminded by a great-grandmother of one of the keys to being a successful salesperson. She said, “give your customer your best advice.” Sounds simple, right?

But first, let me tell you how I came to meet this wonderful great-grandmother. Touring around Tenerife, we visited the village of Vilaflor, as recommended by the guide we received at the airport. It is a beautiful place, known for the “roseta,” a special type of embroidery. Walking around the tiny village, a…

Miriam Vializ-Briggs is a marketing consultant with 25+ years of marketing strategy and execution experience, garnered as an executive at IBM, American Express and Kraft General Foods. She has created solutions and marketing strategies in a number of industries including banking, biotech, packaged goods, energy, healthcare, industrial, insurance, restaurants, retail, and travel & entertainment.

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