Want to Create an Ad? 7 Questions to Get it Right the First Time

Pinterest - create an adAdvertising your business is absolutely necessary. If all the great brands do it (think Coca-Cola®, Apple®, Nike®), you need to do it too. With so much competition for people’s attention, there’s a need to constantly remind current customers AND potential new ones of what you have to offer.

If you want to create an ad that will have a positive image and ROI, you’ll need to do some important upfront thinking on your part. I’ve seen many small (and large) businesses have to re-work their ads after poor results: expenses that could…

Miriam Vializ-Briggs is a marketing consultant with 25+ years of marketing strategy and execution experience, garnered as an executive at IBM, American Express and Kraft General Foods. She has created solutions and marketing strategies in a number of industries including banking, biotech, packaged goods, energy, healthcare, industrial, insurance, restaurants, retail, and travel & entertainment.

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Facebook’s News Feed update now considers time as a valuable metric

News Feed Update FYI: More Articles You Want to Spend Time Viewing

Facebook announced this week that they are once again making changes to their News Feed as part of their “Feed Quality Program.” Based on feedback from users, they’ve determined that the actions people take, such as liking, clicking, commenting, or sharing content, don’t always paint a full picture of their sentiment. This change will affect both Instant Articles and posts you interact with through Facebook mobile.

This change comes on the heels of a similar news feed update made back in February….

Lucy Briggs is an entrepreneur, social media marketing specialist, and co-founder of Brand Marketing Tips and Briggs + Briggs Marketing Services.

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