Recap: How to Design a Brand Identity for Bloggers

How to Design a Brand Identity for Bloggers_blab chat recapThank you to everyone who joined our first Blab chat with Chelsea from The Creative Side! Chelsea and I talked about How to Design a Brand Identity for Bloggers for about an hour and a half, and we loved the questions you guys asked us during the Q&A section.

Here’s a rundown of the main points you’ll hear us discuss during the workshop:

– How to find your target audience (Lucy)
– How to create a style for your brand (Chelsea)
– How to communicate with your audience (Lucy)
– How to design graphics that represent your brand (Chelsea)
– How to differentiate yourself from your competitors (Lucy)
– How to design graphics that stand out (Chelsea)
– How to make your readers trust you (Lucy)
– How to make your photos represent your brand (Chelsea)

While you’re following along, I recommend downloading our free worksheet on 4 Steps to Creating an Effective Message. We get asked a lot by small business owners how to convey what they have to offer in the most compelling way. In most cases, they don’t lack for what to say, but rather how to sharpen its effectiveness. This guide will help you to build your own message that’s customized to your target audience.

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