What Goes Into a Successful Marketing Plan?

What does it take to create and implement a successful marketing plan?

We always say that everyone is in “marketing.” That everyone is in “sales.”


Because no matter what role you have in your organization (an entrepreneur, a manager, or a subject matter expert), you need to be able to identify trends, to figure out how to create and sustain value for your customers and partners (whether external or internal), and to develop effective ways to get that message across.

That’s the perspective we’ve thought about as we assembled the content for The Marketing Plan Blueprint course: to walk…

Miriam Vializ-Briggs is a marketing consultant with 25+ years of marketing strategy and execution experience, garnered as an executive at IBM, American Express and Kraft General Foods. She has created solutions and marketing strategies in a number of industries including banking, biotech, packaged goods, energy, healthcare, industrial, insurance, restaurants, retail, and travel & entertainment.

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