10 Networking Tips for When You Work Remotely

Networking Tips While Working Remotely

When working remotely, it can be difficult to network and build up career skills when there is less opportunity to participate in large, in-person conferences and training. To combat this disadvantage, we have compiled our best networking tips to help you connect with your peers, former colleagues, and discover new opportunities. Here are our top 10 networking tips to make the most of your time working remotely. Refresh your “elevator pitch” to reflect your current work role and accomplishments. You want to effectively answer, “So, what have you been up to?” Refer to our previous post on this subject "5...

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How to Network for Business While Having a Mojito (or other choice beverage)

5 Ways to Network at a Party While Still Having Fun

Many of you (and we!) like to enjoy casual parties or events. We think business networking events present great opportunities to engage in some good network building, market intelligence gathering, or sales prospecting. So, why not expand your networking to casual parties and get-togethers? I know, I know, you must be saying “Are you kidding me? My goal is to have fun, not network at a party!” We get it. But, at the same time, every entrepreneur and small-business owner, whether you are an extrovert or an introvert at heart, should be ready to have a casual, yet meaningful conversation if...

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