Case Studies, Use Cases, and References: 3 Must-Have Content Pieces in Your Marketing Toolkit

The Importance of Case Studies, Use Cases, and References in Marketing

Not a ton is written about the importance of case studies, uses cases, and customer references–much is lost in the flurry around social media marketing tips. But we think these are 3 content pieces that are a must in your marketing and sales toolkit. Several months back, I attended an event where entrepreneurs and inventors were pitching their products and services for investment funding. This was the first time I had been at an event with this focus. I must say that it was very cool to see so much innovation going on up close and personal. One of the differences...

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4 Steps to Creating an Effective Message

creating an effective message

I get asked a lot by small business owners how to convey what they have to offer in the most compelling way. In most cases, they don't lack for what to say, but rather how to sharpen its effectiveness. This guide provides 4 steps to creating an effective message.   Step 1: THE TARGET: Who is my audience for this message? Messages are most effective when set in the context of a specific audience. Step 2: THE MESSAGE: What is the solution I am providing? This is the core of what you're promising to customers. Your unique value that is meaningful...

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10 Marketing Lessons I Learned the Hard Way–So You Don’t Have To

10 marketing lessons

I’ve spent a career working across many different businesses, in the consumer and b2b domains. I've been on some of the best brands globally–Jell-O Gelatin, American Express and IBM. For anyone who spends a significant time in an area, you know you build up both muscle and scar tissue in doing so. As you plan your own marketing efforts, even if you’re just starting with a Facebook page, the following is a list of my top 10 marketing lessons, learned the hard way. Here's to your success. Superior value: Ensure that what you’re offering is better in all ways than what the competition is providing....

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