How to Create an Advisory Board for Your Business

How to Create an Advisory Board for Your BusinessI got a question from someone the other day who just launched her business. She was interested in knowing how to get feedback from trusted sources on her initiatives. It’s a good question. In addition to using the standard consumer research techniques, my advice was this: create an advisory board.

I am not talking about how to create a board of directors. That has financial and governance responsibilities. Rather, we’re talking about how to create an advisory board. An advisory board is a group of individuals…

Miriam Vializ-Briggs is a marketing consultant with 25+ years of marketing strategy and execution experience, garnered as an executive at IBM, American Express and Kraft General Foods. She has created solutions and marketing strategies in a number of industries including banking, biotech, packaged goods, energy, healthcare, industrial, insurance, restaurants, retail, and travel & entertainment.

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